Check-in is a working time monitoring system.
The program logs and tracks applications users work with and sites they visit.
Check-in is seamless, it neither slows your pc down nor interrupts your work.

Program features

  • day off and working day tracking before and after day(s) off
  • sick leave tracking before and after the absence
  • automatic and manual check-in, check-out
  • application tracking
  • use of internet tracking
  • 'away from computer' time tracking
  • meeting planning and tracking
  • monitoring home-workers
  • easy to use visual reports for employees and bosses
  • optional export to excel
  • various working time solutions (handling lunch time) and pre set up
  • setting fixed and flexible working time
  • handling employees working for one or more companies at the same time
  • freely configurable privileges
  • easy to use

Are you an employee? Check-in helps to

  • keep track of your personal time and learn what you actually spend your time on when you work on the computer
  • keep track of your working and free days
  • track the number of days you spent on sick-leave or days off
  • plan your holidays and asking for day(s) off in due time
  • real-time track of flexible working time

Are you a boss and want to track your employees? Check-in helps to

  • monitor what your employees spend their working time on
  • learn how much time your employees spend on the internet and which web-sites they visit
  • get detailed reports about computer activities of every employee
  • create valuable spreadsheets by a single click
  • send daily, weekly or monthly reports to accountants from Check-in
  • determine the most efficient or inefficient employee
  • record automatically the time spent on any program by your home-workers
  • get all the information above in real time from a remote place through internet

Check-in allows you to manage your staff better and make the corresponding decisions based on facts.
Start using Check-in now and get all the results in real time.

We are offering

  • quick deployment
  • 24/7 customer support
  • configuration and program upgrade to your very needs
  • 100% security